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Emergency Numbers

911 for Fire Police Ambulance

American Red Cross - 706-323-5614

Battered Women
Domestic Violence Hotline
  - 1-800-33HAVEN Or 1-800-334-2836

Columbus Rape Crisis, Inc. - 706-571-6010

Contact 24-Hour Help Line Crisis Intervention & Information/Referrals
When You Need Help...We Care
CONTACT Helpline is a agency serving the communities of west-central Georgia and east-central Alabama with an anonymous, confidential telephone service providing active listening, crisis intervention, and information and referral 24 hours a day. 211 or 706-327-3999 or email and Click Here for our web site

CSX Transportation Police Dept. Railroad Emergencies 1-800-232-0144

DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration 706-649-9850 (Columbus)
If no answer call: 1-404-331-4401

Drug Helpline 1-800-378-4435

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation 706-596-9603 (Columbus)
If no answer call: 1-404-679-9000

Federal Tax Information 1-800-829-1040

Forest Line for Emergency ONLY
706-568-2158 (Muscogee Cty)
706-989-3662 (Chattahoochee Cty)

GBI GA Bureau of Investigation 1-404-244-2600
1-800-673-9213 (TTY)

Georgia Crime Victim Assistance Help Line 1-800-338-6745

Georgia Drug Abuse Helpline 1-800-338-6745

Environmental Emergencies/Spills/Violations 1-800-241-4113
Atlanta 1-404-656-4300

Wildlife Resources Violations/Turn in Poachers 1-800-241-4113
Atlanta 1-404656-4863

Georgia Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-699-7117

Georgia State Patrol
Muscogee County call: 1-706-846-3106 (Manchester)
Harris County call: 1-706-845-4104 (LaGrange)
Marion County call: 1-912-931-2397 (Americus)
Chattahoochee County call: 1-912-732-2167 (Cuthbert)

Georgia Utilities Protection Center, Inc. Call Before You Dig
1-800-282-7411 Georgia
1-800-292-8525 Alabama

Metro Narcotics Task Force - Columbus 706-653-3123

Missing Children Information Clearing House 1-888-356-4774

National Response Center Toxic Chemical and Oil Spills
1-800-424-8802 (Voice/TTY)

Norfolk Southern Railroad Police Norfolk Southern Railroad Emergencies

Poison Control Center 1-800-282-5846 (Throughout GA)
1-404-616-9000 (Metro Atlanta)
1-404-616-9287 (TTY)

U. S. Marshall 1-912-752-8280 (Macon)

U. S. Secret Service 1-404-331-6111

United Way To Find or Give Help DIAL 211
1-404-614-1000 (Outside Metro Atlanta)
1-404-614-1048 (TTY)

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