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  • Auburn Links at Mill Creek - 334-887-5151
  • Beaver Creek Golf Course - 334-297-8100
  • Bull Creek Gold Course - 706-561-1614
  • Godwin Creek Golf Course - 706-324-0583
  • Lakewood Golf Course - 334-291-4726
  • Oxbow Creek Golf Course - 706-689-9977
  • Red Oak Golf Club - 706-989-3312
  • Woodland Hills Golf Club - 706-563-5511

North Columbus Driving Range - 706-569-0453
7201 Blackmon Road

Enjoy some of the more popular golf review links and see what others are saying about custom clubs.

Golf Club Review is one of the most authoritative independent golf equipment review sites on the internet, and its affiliate,, is one of the largest online resources for information regarding custom clubfitting, clubmaking and clubdesign. Golf Club Review has conducted and released reviews of several of our product offerings. They have also written an unsolicited review of ZT Golf as a company. In their review, which is entitled "Zero Tolerance: Doing it the Right Way," they find that the folks at ZT have worked hard and deserve to be taken seriously."

The Golf Equipment Aficionado forum is one of, if not the, largest golf equipment forums on the internet. Knowledgeable golfers and equipment junkies there discuss ZT Golf equipment in great detail. Log on to the GEA forum and conduct a search for our equipment to find out what is being said. is a website that enables consumers to share their experiences with every kind of golf product from drivers to golf balls. We try to stay aware of what is being written there about our products so that we can continue to improve our products to meet consumer demand. We think you will also find the consumer reviews at helpful.

Ham 'n' Egg are the straight-talking and humorous golf equipment review duo that have gained a reputation for themselves as the Siskel and Ebert of golf. They gave our original Crown Jewel driver and ourFairway Master fairway wood a 'Double Ace' rating, the highest rating possible from this twosome. Only four other drivers and no other woods have ever received the Ham 'n' Egg Doube Ace designation. Check out their site to find out what else they have said about ZT Golf products. is another popular golf forum on the internet. Occasionally, discussions take place that have to do with ZT Golf equipment. We encourage you to search through past discussions to see what other golfers have said. You can even start your own discussion to solicit information from others.


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